About the Author.

Slide2Totally turned on by the medium of clay and the broad practice of ceramics, I have, over the years, been involved in education, curated exhibitions, written articles, run workshops, held solo shows, participated in guest residencies, conferences and forums and presented lectures. Generally – my clay addiction has enabled me to travel the world.  I’ve seen and collected a lot of fabulous pots and met many fascinating makers and collectors.

Whilst still a practicing potter experimenting with functional work, mostly in porcelain, my current research interests are in exploring cooking with clay traditions.  Sourcing and collecting (and where necessary, recreating) earthenware clay cooking pots from around the world that are still used on a daily basis on an open flame, has become an obsession.  Seeking out and acquiring traditional working earthenware (and some stoneware) pots that are designed to be used on an open wood or gas fire – in the wood fired oven and the fireplace – as clay tabletop grillers and charcoal fired clay braziers; as tandoors, hornos and chimineas has become an even greater obsession.  I’m intrigued to know how these vessels are made and used and the stories that are embedded in their brittle walls.

The still growing collection resides in our island ‘shack’ on Bruny – Bruny Island in the D’Entrecasteaux Channel off the south eastern coast of Tasmania.  Here, in combination with the produce of the island, the pots, along with the wood fired oven, the hangi style firepit and the Japanese inspired iori, cooking with fire, food and clay occurs.

Come along for the ride………..

Penny Smith

(To check out full CV: PENNY SMITH)


7 Responses to About the Author.

  1. Jane Raffan, ArtiFacts Art Services says:

    Dear Penny, I’d like to send you an email about commenting on Ellarose Savage’s new body of work for a publication. You were recommended by Alcaston gallery who is showing her work soon. I can be contacted on jraffan@artifacts.net.au. Thank you.

  2. limbupaani says:

    Hi Penny, I’m a writer with Rodale’s Organic Life and I am working on a story about the benefits of cooking in unglazed earthenware. I am looking to understand the finer workings of how earthenware aids cooking and leads to healthier food. I came across your May 2015 article for Ceramic Art about your visit to the potters of Lombok and landed on your blog. I would love to speak with you about my story. I won’t need more than 15 minutes of your time. I am working on a tight deadline so please do reach out to me at nidhi.chaudhry@gmail.com.

    Thanks in advance!

    – Nidhi Chaudhry (www.nidhichaudhry.com)

  3. Jon says:

    Hi Penny, I stumbled upon your blog researching diable potatoe cookers. I am a potter living in rural Maine where we dig our own earthenware clay and have begun making cookware for the open flame. We started with the French pots for potatoe cooking and have now worked into some of the Japanese clay cookers, Donabe. Would love to connect via email, etc. Our website is OldFirehouseFarm.com and I can be found on instagram at Samurai_Potter.

  4. Alana Simpson says:

    Hi Penny,
    I’d like to contact you with a query from a Japanese TV producer. Could you please get in touch at alanaantoniasimpson@gmail.com.

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