Bruny Style Banger’s ‘n’ Mash.




  • Start the wood fire, and let it die down to about 180 degrees celcius
  • Put the casserole near the oven door to warm up
  • Drag out some of the embers into the ash pan and place a griller over the top
  • Grill the sausages
  • Brown the bacon and use the extracted fat to fry the onion and garlic (a Chinese sandpot was used, but any fry pan will do)
  • Remove the bacon and put aside
  • Add the flour to thicken the meat juices then add the cider and place the gravy into a casserole
  • Add the sausages, bacon, a bay leaf, thyme and a sprinkling of fennel seeds and crushed pepper, place a lid on the casserole and place in the oven
  • Cook for at least 45 minutes with the lid on
  • Remove the lid and cook for a further 20 minutes
  • Clean and core the apple, then slice it up and fry each slice in the butter
  • Add the apples to the casserole during the last 5 minutes of cooking
  • Serve with a heap of creamy mashed potatoes



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